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autin tx deposition services

Video Depositions

video deposition services


Why use it?  A video deposition is more useful than a regular deposition for the simple reason that it records more information than a transcript ever could.  


Through the use of video, a jury can hear the tone, see the reactions and emotions of a deponent.  When used right, video is a powerful tool.



Our Commitment

Depovision legal videographer Staff

We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive service for all your legal video needs.  You can rely on our experience, our skills and the latest technology to achieve the best quality videos and  litigation support utilizing the finest videographers.  DepoVision is videographer owned firm for litigation professionals with over 35 years of video experience.


We contract with CLVS certified  legal videographers throughout the state of Texas.

Video Syncing

Legal Video depositions Austin Texas, video syncing services

What is it?  Video synching combines the video of a deposition with the transcript in a way that takes advantages of both.


The end product is the video digitally synchronized with the written transcript and allows the user many options and flexibility for playing their video depositions.  


Click here to watch a short demo.

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