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What Should I Look for in a Legal Videographer?

There are many companies out there offing legal video services to cover your depositions. What matters the most to you? Are they prompt and professional? What type of equipment are they using? Will they mic each person in the deposition? How much experience do they have? These are just a few questions to help you find the best legal videographer for your deposition. Mark Wolfington is a fully trained legal video specialist by the National Court Reporting Association. Mark takes pride in training each member of the staff to the national standards of the NCRA. With over thirty years experience in the field, Mark also puts emphasis on training his team on the standards of courtroom decorum and professionalism. Do they have their own equipment? Or are they possibly renting equipment the videographer may be unfamiliar with? DepoVision supplies each of their videographers with their own gear. DepoVision offers prompt and experienced legal video specialists that arrive an in plenty of time prior to the deposition start to make sure all equipment is checked and ready to go when you are. The witness and attorneys speaking during the deposition will have their own microphone, keeping the video and audio flowing smoothly and flawlessly. With our onsite capabilities our turnaround time of a quality finished product is quick. We can even provide you with an mpeg at the end of the deposition. DepoVision videographer's carry, although rarely needed, lighting and a backdrop that is always used. These two pieces of equipment can create a consistent and evenly illuminated subject (witness).


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